I am here now in communion with my Divine Creator and the Cosmic Forces of the Universe for the purpose of manifesting my desires as follows:

• I ask and intend my Spirit Self and those beings of the highest Love energy to be present and offer me guidance now.

• I ask and intend that those beings who are distracting or in conflict with my intent be banned from my experience now.

• I ask and intend that my inner being, feel peaceful and harmonious with my environment and the Universe.

• I ask and intend that fear, anxiety of any similar feelings disappear from my experience or be transmuted to positive and uplifting feelings.

• I ask and intend that I attract peaceful thoughts and experiences so that my inner self may feel in perfect harmony with the Universe.

• I am grateful for the opportunity to offer peaceful thoughts and wishes to others so the peace of my inner self may be reflected in theirs.

And so it is ✌?✨❤️???